TGR Redazione

TGR Redazione

EC Examination Board approves: TGR R&D funded to design and develope SIRENA


TGR company and its staff are pleased to announce that European Community has decided to accept and reward TGR proposal to design, develop and manufacture a new concept of mobile stairway climber whose name will be SIRENA. The project will be supported throught the EU programm HORIZON-2020.
Construction of the new prototype are already begun!

Why did we decide to call it SIRENA?

In our collective imagination it is impossibile to think about a mermaid without calling to mind concepts such as beauty, elegance and most of all harmonic movements. These are automatic answers we give to the recall of a mermaid, but not those we would istinctively associate to a person riding a wheelchair.
Nevertheless … both of them cannot walk!

We intend therefore to launch a challenge and an invitate to change point of view, understand, accept and overcome diversity. Mermaid is different, unknown and unexpected but it does not frighten, on the contrary it fascinates us as well as new challenges do.

We live amid the Era of changes and integration is a strong topic, nevertheless we still did not learn actual value and worth of inclusion. Physical appearance and attributes cannot cause social exclusion and – as actors in this Era of Changes – this is upon us and must become our first challenge!

TGR: Always on relation with customers

TGR stands always next to its customers and their needs! Since the very beginning TGR core job has grown listening and answering to final user’s needs. This is what allows us to focus on new projects and successfully answer actual needs offering forefront technologies and solutions. These are also the reasons behind the study of a new mechanism to transfer wheelchairs on stairways: SIRENA.

Be part of our next creation, this is your Call to action! E-mail us at and tell us what your wishes, expectations and recomandation about mobile stairclimbers and get the service you deserve!

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