Sogni di cambiare vita? Forse hai solo bisogno di cambiare lavoro

La vita di ognuno di noi, per quanto unica al mondo, è sempre composta da fasi. Nel settore professionale, ad esempio, esiste la fase dello studio, della formazione sul campo e dell’esperienza fino all’affermazione della propria carriera. E come ogni processo dinamico, ogni fase è a sua volta composta da alti e bassi, da momenti […]

Perfect fitness? The secrets to getting it are in your DNA

Passion for sports and physical fitness are among the main interests among young/adult groups in contemporary society. In order for the desired results to be achieved and, more importantly, maintained over time, it is essential that the right sports practice be practiced on a regular basis and combined with the right and targeted diet and eating regimen. [...]

Habits and tools for everyday wellness

Feeling good about yourself and others is the result of a sum of daily habits, even small ones. Today we share with you some pointers to improve the quality of everyday life even with the help of valuable effective tools. Let's pay attention to a healthy lifestyle When we think about the concept of [...]