REHACARE 2022: TGR innovation at the Düsseldorf trade fair

Every trade fair is a great opportunity for all of us to grow and improve. For REHACARE 2022, we were especially happy to participate as we got to spend some great days in the company of the staff of the TGR Nuremberg office (and also to celebrate our Kevin's birthday all together!). In [...]

TGR featured at Rehacare International and REAS International Emergency Salon

TGR featured at Rehacare and REAS

The last 2 weeks experienced by TGR have been particularly intense with participation in two of the most important fairs in the sector, first in Dusseldorf in Germany, then in Montichiari in the province of Brescia in Italy. In fact, from September 26 to 28 we took part, as is now customary, in the Reahacare International Fair in [...]