All benefits of a diet based on genetic testing

Nutrition is one of the main areas that regulates the overall well-being of our bodies. Intolerances, allergies or simply wrong nutrient intake for our body can decisively affect not only the state of health but also the way our physique is structured over time. Today we discuss some of the main [...]

A single DNA test to quantify the genetic risk of 160 diseases

Quantifying the genetic risk of diseases means being able to predict and put in place habits and actions that can prevent the onset of the problem. Each of us has a genetic makeup rich in specific information about our body, how it functions and its predisposition to optimal use (or not) of certain drugs, food intake [...]

Pharmacogenomics: what it is and how it can improve our lives

How many times have you experienced an ailment, gone to the doctor you trust and, at the end of your visit, received a pharmaceutical prescription accompanied by "let's try this"? Surely there are plenty of people who, like you, have seen themselves in this scenario at least once in their lives. It happens because our bodies are unique and [...]

DNA testing: the importance of up-to-date reports

The DNA testing market has experienced great growth in recent years. This is because it is now known to everyone the great advantage that this kind of service brings to everyone's life, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. If, until a few years ago, DNA testing mainly concerned [...]

Perfect fitness? The secrets to getting it are in your DNA

Passion for sports and physical fitness are among the main interests among young/adult groups in contemporary society. In order for the desired results to be achieved and, more importantly, maintained over time, it is essential that the right sports practice be practiced on a regular basis and combined with the right and targeted diet and eating regimen. [...]

Anima Genomics Gold: DNA at the basis of your well-being

Accessing important information about our body and its functioning is now possible thanks to advanced DNA testing. When you need to rely on an advanced, safe and comprehensive tool, the answer is Anima Genomics. It is the result of years of research and testing, a result of great scientific value [...]

Habits and tools for everyday wellness

Feeling good about yourself and others is the result of a sum of daily habits, even small ones. Today we share with you some pointers to improve the quality of everyday life even with the help of valuable effective tools. Let's pay attention to a healthy lifestyle When we think about the concept of [...]

The evolution of DNA testing is Anima Genomics Test Platinum

The fundamental importance of good prevention especially in the field of health is a certainty. Being able to prevent the occurrence of the disorder or disease is the most effective (and intelligent) way to take care of one's body, improve the quality of life and avoid the occurrence of disabling and difficult-to-manage symptoms. E' [...]

Poor results despite dieting? The solution may be in your DNA

Those who have been struggling with a low-calorie diet know it well: after the first few weeks, losing weight becomes increasingly difficult even when performing suitable physical activity. The poor results from a dietary regimen aimed at weight loss, despite personal attention and commitment, are very often a reason for frustration loss of motivation. It is not uncommon [...]

Nutrition and DNA: is your diet right for you?

Everyone's eating habits and lifestyle are not always ideal for our bodies. In most cases these are choices dictated more by the schedules and rhythms of the life we lead than by our actual nutritional needs. Even to those people most concerned with maintaining a [...]