TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

REHACARE 2022: TGR innovation at the Düsseldorf trade fair


Every trade fair is a great opportunity for all of us to grow and improve.
For REHACARE 2022, we were especially happy to participate as we got to spend some great days in the company of the staff of the TGR Nuremberg office (and also to celebrate our Kevin's birthday all together!).

On display at our Booth, we were able to present to the public the most iconic models of our production, from the Jolly R amp to the Jolly Mini Ramp in addition to the newest line of air sanitizers of which we are distributors.

During the days at the Fair we received many visits, some particularly important and meaningful for all of us.
Such as the visit of the Israeli Ministry of Health contacts who, together with our distributor, touched with their hands all the latest innovations signed TGR.

Participating in a fair means meeting old friends and getting to know new ones... including four-legged ones!
By our business ethics, we are particularly attached to the world of animals, and at REHACARE2022 we had the pleasure of observing the assistance of dogs trained to support the mobility of the disabled.

As Patrizia Toselli (patron of TGR) said, "This exhibition gives us the opportunity to meet technical personnel, physiotherapists, people with deep expertise who very carefully want practical information in order to be able to give more and more complete advice. [...] The presence also of non-Europeans has opened new glimmers and further confidence in this event that remains the most important in Europe."

Another great TGR adventure has just ended, we are already ready for the next one!

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