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SCOIATTOLO S (Narrow seat)
Stairclimber on wheels


SCOIATTOLO S (Narrow Seat)

Code: GC2000
The stairclimber Scoiattolo is a comfortable electric wheelchair designed to allow ambulatory disabled people to easily and quickly overcome architectural barriers.

Thanks to its unique drive system, no fixed wall structures are required. The only compulsory term is the presence of an attendant properly trained by T.G.R. to operate the machine.

Very comfortable for the patient, it is extremely easy to use for any attendant who has only to hold the machine and press the proper up/down button.

Easy to use, versatile and reliable it will always offer you a smooth motion and no bumps while operating on stairs.

Thanks to the triangle moving structure, it allows you to overcome almost all type of stairs, such as straight, winding, spiral, with trapezoidal steps as well as steps with rounded corner.

It will become your ideal partner in the overcoming of architectural barriers!

The seat is equipped with foldable armrest, headrest, and adjustable footrest which always grant the patient a correct body posture.

The model has been equipped with two front pivoting wheels, designed to let it be operated also as a standard transit chair.

Technical Data Sheet

Code:  GC2000
Loading weight  120 kg
Climbing-up rage up to 1.350 steps, tested at max. load
Warranty 24 months
Battery 12V-24 Ah
Battery charger built-in and electronic
Safety systems automatic and in case of emergency, it operates on the transmission system, directly
Standing support additional support to grant a safe and stable rest on stair, also in case of emergency
Driving handles adjustable in height
Wheels Non-skid wheels that leave no tracks
Seat Anatomic, at graduate density, padded seat with fire retardant and stain resistant coating


Max. Overcoming Slope 40° equal to 84% of incline
Max. step’s height 20 cm,(upon request, available up to 24 cm.)
Min. Manoeuvring space on L-Shaped Landings 80*80 cm
Min. Manoeuvring space on U-Shaped Landings 80*160 cm
Min. Stairway turning radius 130 cm

OPTIONALS (to be asked at the moment of order)

  • Ignition-Key
  • Double, crossed safety belt
  • Big triangle (for step’s rise up to 24 cm)
  • Leg spacer
  • Lateral supports
  • Separate footrest

SCOIATTOLO S (Narrow seat) Stairclimber on wheels

Watch videos and observe how easy it is!

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