JOLLY STANDARD: mobile crawler stairlift

The ONLY crawler stairlift equipped with a system that allows, even in the event of a breakdown, to descend stairs WITHOUT LEAVING THE DRIVER'S DRIVE!
Jolly Standard
is a mobile track stairlift designed to overcome architectural barriers and is intended for transporting wheelchairs.

Given the many requests, a variety of accessories have been made, enabling us to best meet a wide variety of needs. Qualified personnel will be able to identify the accessories that may be needed to transport the customized aids in use, please do not hesitate to contact us. A carer can easily use this stairlift, which does not require any fixed wall application, by simply activating the electrical controls of the vehicle.

The structure of the Jolly Standard stairlift then allows it to be disassembled into two parts so that it can be easily loaded and transported by car.

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JOLLY STANDARD: mobile crawler stairlift


Jolly Standard is a mobile tracked stairlift designed to overcome architectural barriers and intended for transporting wheelchairs.

Standard equipment:
✓ Unique stairlift with safety system WITHOUT DRIVER'S POSITION LEAVING.
✓ Sliding hooks adjustable in height and width
✓ Structured base for loading wheelchairs with very low cruiser
✓ Height-adjustable headrest
✓ Adjustable seat belt
✓ Key switch
✓ Emergency button (mushroom)
✓ Emergency button for descent in case of failure (patented)
✓ Automatic brake engagement device
✓ Ascent and descent controls on the rudder
✓ Non-slip, non-marking rubber tracks
✓ 2 wheels for easy maneuvering on level ground
✓ side led
✓ Double safety device
✓ Charge status indicator instrument
✓ Slope level indicator
✓ Autonomy 50 floors with 130 kg weight
✓ Can be disassembled and easily loaded into the car

150 kg version
✓ Front wheel for increased stability on special stairs
✓ Rear pedal board (to facilitate the driver)
✓ Skids for wheelchairs wheels diam. 300 mm ND002
✓ Skids for wheelchairs wheels diam. 300 mm PANDA ND003
✓ Wheelchair skids without push handles ND005 - ND015
✓ Kits for wheelchairs with tilting backrests
✓ Special hooks for wheelchairs with padded backrests


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