Stairlift Trolley Squirrel Base Model

TGR's Scoiattolo stairlift cart is made for transporting heavy loads and weights on stairs.
It is the ideal solution for appliance dealers, security door installers and all categories of work that need to transport weights on stairs.
In fact, for more than 40 years, TGR has been manufacturing stairlift trolleys with the goal of helping companies improve work efficiency while complying with regulations and thus defending the health of workers.
To use the Scoiattolo stairlift trolley, it is necessary to define the travel command through practical buttons and accompany the vehicle with minimum effort, optimizing the work of a single person. In fact, the handling system is electronically managed.
In this way, the Scoiattolo stairlift trolley, which can be customized with one of the available accessories, can smoothly overcome any type of stairs: straight, spiral, and with trapezoidal-shaped steps.

Step height surmountable from 4 to 20 cm. Minimum depth of the step 15 cm.

The warranty is 24 months. Warranty on consumables is one year and applicable only for malfunction. Consumables are defined as all goods subject to wear and tear such as: caps, various tires, switches, battery, wheels.

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Stairlift Trolley Squirrel Base Model


Technical Characteristics.
Maximum transportable weight: 160 kg.
- Absorbed acid accumulator (dry) 12V 55Ah, maintenance-free, rechargeable.
- 12V DC 150W motor.
- Built-in electronic battery charger.
- Battery charger power supply: 230V~ - 50Hz - 0.5A.
- Transmission with toothed belt and reducer with hardened and case-hardened steel gears.
- Battery charge status indicator.
- Climbing autonomy in continuous motion with maximum transportable weight: 3000 steps.
- Climbing speed: 1.7 sec per step.
- The entire handling system is managed by a central control unit that keeps the running speed constant regardless of the weight carried.
- Negative electromagnetic brake with automatic engagement.
- Safety device that intervenes if the drive belt breaks, blocking the movement of the vehicle.
- Driving handles adjustable in height.
- Electric drive controls located on the driving handles.
- Load securing belt.

Minimum height 110 cm.
Maximum height cm. 202
Width cm. 56
Weight 52 kg.


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