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TGR Editorial Staff

Contamination in offices


Every day we are in direct and constant contact with a variety of surfaces, from furniture elements to door and window handles, from our computer keyboard to our smartphone screen.

We unknowingly come into contact with millions of micro organisms every moment of our day through direct physical contact but also through inhaling air. The multiplication of germs and bacteria from one surface to another is a physiological process that is difficult to prevent especially when we are in contact with environments that are also shared with other people.

Hygiene in the workplace

If at home surface contamination is a minor risk since the same apartment is shared by at most a small number of people, in the workplace the situation changes dramatically.

As in any place that involves the coexistence of several people (especially if in groups of more than 4-5), the risk of infection and transmission of viruses and bacteria through contact with surfaces is much higher. Consider what happens when, for example, within a professional office pens, pencils and other stationery tools are shared. The same object is used by several people and passes from hand to hand within a very short period of time, and this can also apply to computer keyboards and mice in shared workstations, doorknobs, telephones, etc.

Imagine then that inside offices and studios one is more likely to engage in unconscious behaviors such as rubbing one's eyes with one's hands, or touching one's face and mouth with pens or pencils. This kind of behavior is extremely risky for contagion through objects and surfaces previously contaminated with viruses and bacteria.

How to sanitize surfaces in the office and how important it is

Jonathan Sexton, a researcher in the College of Public Health at the University of Arizona, conducted a study that showed that on the surfaces of doorknobs, refrigerators, computer keyboards, drawers, curtains and other items found inside offices and professional offices, rates of bacteria and contaminants are particularly concentrated.

If you need to ensure a better quality of hygiene within your workspace, choose an ideal air purifier and surface sanitizer to protect the hygiene and health of you and the people you work with, without the use of harmful substances and immediately effective from the first use.

Our best air purifier and surface sanitizer is. Beyond Guardian Air which, unlike most tools with the same purpose, does not use substances that are harmful to humans, animals, or harmful to the environment and the surfaces with which it comes in contact.

Contaminant reduction

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