TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

Io Ci Sono 635, the new product for those who desire independence


Io Ci Sono 635 is a product distributed by TGR and is aimed at people with reduced mobility who need help with activities in the bathroom. In fact, the tools provided are a lifter and a toilet seat, which have specific features in such a way as to help those in difficulty.

I'm There 635: the function of the lift

The Io Ci Sono 635 lift allows the user with reduced mobility to get in and out of the toilet by themselves while using the toilet. It also reduces the risks of manual movements of caregivers providing help to the person. The lift can be of different sizes, fixed or mobile with wheels and remote control.

Here are some of its characteristics:

  • Ergonomic handles with integrated control
  • Automatic toilet lifter.
  • Adaptable on any type of sanitary ware.
  • Height and tilt adjustment.
  • To sit and stand up in comfort from the toilet.
  • Without masonry intervention.
  • Easy and simple to both sit down and stand up.
  • Self-braking tablet.

Io Ci Sono 635: the self-cleaning bidet

There is also an integrated bidet in the lift, which can be easily installed on any toilet. The tool features a water-jet arm and provides the ability to adjust water pressure, intensity, and temperature through a remote control.

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