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TGR Editorial Staff

Disability: the magnificent integration spot by Jacopo Verardo


Jacopo Verardo has decided to deal with his disability in a sympathetic and at the same time innovative way. In fact, the young 15-year-old boy, confined to a wheelchair due to Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, a serious rare and degenerative disease that does not yet have a cure, has designed and starred in the commercial ''It's not the usual progress advertising'' for Parent Project Onlus.

The video shows, in a sympathetic key, the 3 reasons for which you have to invite a disabled boy, who is rarely considered by comrades for such occasions, to a party.

Why invite a disabled boy to a party?

The 3 causes, which are explained by the young protagonist himself, are: the chance to be a super deejay at the console, being the perfect locomotive for a ''toy train'' among all the party attendees, and being able to perform freestyle movements with a wheelchair.

AuotNOImia: the motivations of the video made by Jacopo Verardo

Theaim of the film is in fact to highlight some of the issues that most often affect young people with disabilities, such as marginalization and loneliness dictated by ignorance.
This is an initiative that is part of the ''AutoNOImia'' project, funded by the Ministry of Labor andSocial Policy under l.383/2000 annuality 2016. Thanks to ''AutoNOImia'' innovative paths are being tested that seek to foster autonomy living with Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy, encouraging processes of social inclusion and active citizenship.

Jacopo Verardo's big heart

A student at Liceo Leopardi Maiorana in Pordenone, Jacopo Verardo has a great passion for sports, especiallywheelchair field hockey. In fact, the young boy plays in the ranks of the Friuli Falcons, a formation participating in the A2 series championship. With them he came close to promotion to the top league, at the end of a memorable season anyway. In addition to sports, Jacopo also goes on the attack in everyday life. ''I've always had this strength, so contrast Duchenne. To my friends who struggle to live with this terrible disease I always try to instill courage, to share my interiority to give hope and give smiles,'' he told the press. Words to take as an example.

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