TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

Summer in the office? Stay productive with tips to overcome the "summer slump"


So many professionals are busy inside offices or professional firms even during the hottest time of the year:summer.
Although summertime falls into the common imagination as the period intended for vacations and vacations, the everyday reality for those in professional practice is often related to moments of loss of concentration or difficulty in completing projects and operations that generally do not arouse any difficulties.

This is a phenomenon known as the Summer Slump.
In fact, the increase in outdoor temperature reduces the ability to concentrate, leading to a significant drop in productivity during the summer months.
For those who choose to stay in the office even during the warmer months, there are simple attentions that you can put in place to limit the effects of summer slump and maintain an efficient level of productivity, let's find out together.

Tips for staying productive/a even in summer

The summer period is also when there is generally less client/colleague traffic in the office. This can work in your favor to help you better organize your workflow (preferably planned from the night before) and manage commitments and deadlines with more flexibility and autonomy.

The second tip is closely related to the first.
If you have more space within your office, organize your work environment more comfortably.
Making your space more comfortable will make your work experience more enjoyable and help you reduce fatigue throughout the day.

Remember to give yourself short but frequent breaks perhaps accompanied by drinks that are as natural as possible (even just water) that can help you maintain an optimal level of body hydration.
The human brain is composed mainly of water, and supplementing this valuable element, especially in summer, will help you reduce stress and mental fatigue.
Avoid sitting for many consecutive hours and, if you tend to forget to take a break, set a timer to remind you to take a break.

Do you struggle to maintain concentration?
If you can, prioritize projects that you feel are more interesting and suited to your skills. Working on a project or with a client you are passionate about will improve your mood and work readiness.

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