TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

Rio Carnival 2023: with TGR Brazil is accessible and inclusive


Fun is multiplied when it is shared.
Every day we dedicate all our efforts so that the joys of life (big or small) are truly within the reach of all and everyone regardless of the conditions and contexts within which each of us is immersed.

And events such as the Rio Carnival are certainly unforgettable occasions that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in. We are proud to have made the event more accessible and inclusive thanks to the support of our solutions provided by the TGR distributor in Brazil.

Thanks to our Made in Italy stairlifts, the fun was truly within the reach of every participant, and knowing that we made a difference for so many people fills us with gratitude and pride.

Another step forward towards overcoming architectural barriers and towardsaccessibility andinclusiveness signed TGR - Strumenti di Libertà.

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