TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

Drinking water bonus: find out how to get it


Water is the most precious commodity we have, on par with air.
The quality of the water we drink every day is of paramount importance for the well-being of our entire body, in all its functions.

The concept of drinking water is still too often linked to the problem of plastic bottles. This is a polluting material that is difficult to dispose of once its function is exhausted. For this reason, in recent years, awareness of the use of good water purification systems is clearly on the rise.

Also from the institutional point of view, there are many initiatives aimed at raising awareness on the issue of using systems that can ensure water quality at the expense of buying bottled drinking water.
That is why today we are telling you about the Drinking Water Bonus and how to get it.

What is the Drinking Water Bonus?

Directly from the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, an update dated April 1, 2022, has been announced that defines the following regarding the Drinking Water Bonus:

To rationalize the use of water and reduce the consumption of plastic containers, a 50 percent tax credit is provided for expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of

  • filtering
  • mineralization
  • cooling and/or addition of dietary carbon dioxide
    aimed at improving the quality of water for human consumption supplied by aqueducts.

The maximum amount of expenses on which the relief is to be calculated is set at

  • 1,000 euros for each property, for individuals
  • 5,000 euros for each property used for commercial or institutional activity, for those engaged in business, arts and professions and non-business entities.

Information on interventions should be transmitted electronically to Enea.
The Budget Law 2022 extended to 2023 this facility initially introduced for the 2021-2022 biennium.

If you need to receive more information on how to guarantee our best water purification system by taking advantage of the Bonus, please contact us now without obligation. One of our appointed technicians will answer all your questions.

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