TGR Editorial Staff

TGR Editorial Staff

BlueSpeed: the new TGR water bike made to break the limits


Among the most important TGR innovations in recent months is definitely BlueSpeed.
It is a new means of moving around on the water, fast and versatile to ensure maximum convenience and effectiveness even in emergency situations.

We patented it with designer Davide Manieri, whose dedication and passion made an ambitious and courageous project possible: a sea crossing from Marina di Ravenna to Numana.

It was an adventure that had never been tackled before, a challenge that involved the entire TGR family (including Patrizia Toselli, owner of the company) who followed and supported Davide's venture every step of the way, day after day.

Three days of sharing, passion and great commitment from all the staff but not only. The initiative also interested and involved many key players in national news, from the hosts of the radio program Caterpillar Rai Radio 2 to the newspaper La Stampa (along with many others in the field whom we sincerely thank).

During this occasion the BlueSpeed water bike demonstrated all its solidity efficiency and reliability: despite the prohibitive weather conditions, especially in the first two days of the trip, BlueSpeed was always up to the task even in the most prohibitive conditions.

As a company, we are happy to have garnered such a clear demonstration of success and quality for a project we worked on with great interest and passion.

We thank all the harbor masters who followed our journey and all the people who showed interest in this cutting-edge project that will never cease to amaze.

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