We proudly present TGR as the first company that has not only worked to solve the needs of overcoming architectural barriers, but has also always paid special attention to the specific needs of its customers.
In fact, one of the company's strengths is the service offered free of charge, which consists of: technical inspection and customized user training.
TGR, thanks to its sales network, provides qualified personnel who will listen and assess individual needs, proposing the most suitable solution for each specific case.

Those who work for TGR always know and remember that every possible client is first and foremost a person with specific needs, and it is to meet them that the staff strives by studying and developing new solutions.

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are the goals pursued by TGR through the use of cutting-edge technology and durable, specially finished materials.
Values and value that have led the company to be the manufacturer of mobile stairlifts with the widest product range on the market.
Today, TGR represents the concrete result of its commitment to offering both innovative products and highly qualified, efficient services.

Proudly TGR thanks the more than 150,000 people who by giving it confidence have regained at least part of their autonomy!

The work in the workshop

Every day, our technical team is committed to the twin goals of finding more and more cutting-edge solutions for overcoming architectural barriers and improving people's quality of life. We work with the best technologies and the best materials to guarantee customized, effective and efficient solutions in every condition of use. That's why when you choose TGR you choose the Italian passion to innovate, improve and turn every obstacle into a goal sa overcome. Put us to the test, we won't let you down!

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An Italian company made from business management to production. Every member of TGR is first and foremost part of our large corporate family. Starting from people's well-being and empowerment is our winning key.

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Business Owner

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Every need has a solution. Test us and we will find the best one for you.